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Easy Time Control Enterprise Edition is the solution that offers unparalleled performance
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12 December 2015

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When you make reports of attendances, work allotments etc. you need to do a lot of paper work and so much more. You might have actually felt the need to keep track of the time being taken while you are engaged in managing the stuff. But now there is a manager for you which is going to cut down your burden to a great extent. Easy Time Control Enterprise 3.16.99 software would do most of your work thus reducing the burden on you. The options set for the program to function are easier to work with; easy even for the first time users.

Easy Time Control Enterprise 3.16.99 software performs the time tracking functions, so get the software to work for you. You are required to have the software downloaded and installed at your system that you work on with. To start working with the software you need to select the settings. Choose the settings to be default or select the setup wizard for choosing settings according to your requirements. Select the Company Wizard or the Settings Wizard. Selecting the company wizard you can set the company information like the ID, name, address, etc. Choosing the settings wizards you would get the date and time settings, accounting period and database option to be set. Then you get the program screen to start working with various options. You can set the preferences according to you and also set the companies, departments, shifts, etc. Choosing all the details and settings the program would start working for tracking time. You would easily get the details for the employees, employees punch, overtime details, etc. Get the time calculation, set the time clock, and also set the exception for the employees, etc. You would get all the details about the program with the help of the online help guide.

Easy Time Control Enterprise 3.16.99 software would get you almost appropriate information on how long the employee had been working and so on. The software helps to reduce the loop holes at work place and do justice to the employees who had been working hard; hence the software is given 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Easy Time Control Enterprise Edition is the solution that offers unparalleled performance with the flexibility and functionality required for today's business environment. Enterprise Edition makes time capturing process easy by consolidating attendance information from multiple sources into a central database. Enterprise Edition increases productivity by focusing on exceptions and a variety of real-time management reports. More than a simple time tracker, Enterprise Edition is a tool that allows your organization to identify potential problems before they happen.
Major features:
- Improves accuracy of information;
- Dramatically reduces paperwork and clerical costs;
- Supports unlimited number of employees;
- Compatible with different types of time clocks.
Easy Time Control Enterprise
Easy Time Control Enterprise
Version 5.5.145
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